Realtime Juggler


At the num pad, there are always as many numbers blocked as balls are juggled.
These numbers are blocked, because they would lead to two balls being caught together in one hand at the same time.

With every new throw, first the siteswap number of the new throw is blocked. Then immediately, all blocked positions are decremented.
If all balls are thrown in the air, the next throw has to be a 0.
If you don´t choose any siteswap number, the lowest possible number is chosen. Exception: Instead of the sequence 11, 20 is chosen.


Period duration: 0.3 s
Each ball dwells 1.3 periods in the hand (dwell ratio = 0.65)
Constant of gravity g = 9.81 m/(s2)
1 m is equivalent to 100 pixels
Framerate: ideally, 33 ⅓ frames per second
At the scrollbar, you can choose a time compression factor between 0 and 1.5.